Tuesday, March 1, 2011

IPA Series: Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA

Here are some IPAs (and one American Pale Ale for my wife). And of course my dog, Leinie, waiting outside for me to pour a little in her bowl.

First Up: Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA.

My first taste of this seemed like the "extra" wasn't there. Apparently I've become a bigger hop-head than I thought. It was suprisingly smooth, I always find some IPAs are just harsh due to the brewers proprietary yeast not being suited to the bitterness. I'm looking at you Sprecher! Even Tara thought this was good.

Overall, I liked it. I'll have to try it again and give it a more thorough review.

New Blog

When I was moving to my new house, my wife, Tara, told me that my beer bottle collection must go. I decided to photograph the bottles and now I can't stop.

So I'll be posting pictures and my opinions on beers I've recently enjoyed (or didn't).